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Lotus spa center is the best till date I have experienced in past few months. They know hospitality very well.
Brenda Greene
San Francisco

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Breathe New Life into Your Skin

Carboxy Therapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment designed to rejuvenate and restore your skin. Utilizing carbon dioxide. It enhances circulation, collagen production, and skin elasticity while reducing signs of aging and cellulite.

Benefits of Carboxy Therapy

With Carboxy Therapy, you can expect several benefits:

  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Enhances collagen production
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves circulation

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At DrSlim, our Carboxy Therapy process commences with an in-depth skin analysis. After identifying your unique skin needs, we gently introduce CO2 into the targeted regions, kickstarting your body’s natural rejuvenation. This triggers enhanced collagen production and improved circulation, ultimately leading to radiant and revitalized skin.